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Printers of the Streets & Laneways of Melbourne

PressThis beautiful book, which was printed and case-bound in Melbourne using Australian stock, takes the reader on a journey through the streets and historic bluestone lanes of the city, charting the history of some 450 businesses that operated there between 1837 and the mid 1970s.

Although unabashedly Melbourne-centric, it also includes a concise history of printing from 1452 and printing in Australia from 1788, and includes over 200 illustrations, photographs plus colourful anecdotes of the conditions, processes and personalities which have been the experience of Melbourne printers over the years.

Perhaps most importantly, Hauser’s book also recognizes two key points: Firstly, that the growth of the Melbourne community was vitally linked to the development of the graphic arts and printed communications and, secondly, that the characters within the industry have themselves been a colourful and inspiring part of that community.

The publishing of this book fills a real void in the historical records of the city of Melbourne, and provides noteworthy documentation of some of the people who, quite literally, laid the foundations of our community and, in many cases, continue to facilitate its growth to this day. It is a valuable step in preserving the history of the graphic arts in Australia and will most certainly be welcomed by both the craftsmen of the past and the graphic arts professionals of the future.

'Printers of the Street and Lanes of Melbourne' was printed by Brown Prior Anderson, a printing firm based in Little Bourke Street, Melbourne City from 1903 until 1966 when it moved to Burwood. The book was launched onthe 9th May 2006 by former Premier Jeff Kennett in Goldie Lane, the location of one of the last two printers to in Melbourne's central business district.

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